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One of the things that sets Southeast Lake County Faith in Action Volunteers apart from other volunteer groups is the level of training it provides.

Volunteer activities may include shopping for groceries, providing rides to medical appointments, running errands, providing companionship through visiting or phoning and providing respite care for family caregivers. However, being a SELCFIA volunteer is not just a matter of running errands or visiting with your care recipient. It’s a matter of noticing health changes, ensuring home safety and having the knowledge to respond to questions about local services and transportation.

All this and more is covered in our training sessions, which are under the direction of SELCFIA Education Director Audrey Gordon, Ph.D. Every volunteer that SELCFIA certifies undergoes professional training. This totals 12 hours. Our goal is to provide volunteers with the information and support to comfortably and confidently establish a relationship with their care recipient. Among the topics covered are:  the psychology and physicality of aging, chronically ill and disabled persons, family dynamics, community resources,  how to establish a relationship while maintaining boundaries and troubleshooting difficulties.  

Volunteers are taught what to look for to keep care recipients as healthy and self-sufficient as possible. They learn about the many service agencies in the area which SELCFIA can turn to when special needs arise. Not only is the information necessary for the volunteers to be proactive for their care recipients, it’s useful in their own families.

The training schedule is flexible. Audrey will work with new volunteers to fit the training into their schedules; longer sessions, week days and week nights are all options. Volunteering requires only 1-3 hours weekly and SELCFIA is always mindful of each volunteer’s own schedules and abilities.

Generally, volunteers are paired with a single care recipient.  Our goal is to establish an on-going relationship and routine that meets the needs of both the recipient and the volunteer. Faith in Action fosters caring relationships between volunteers and care recipients. Volunteers always have the back-up and support they need.   Fran Duda is our Volunteer Director and she will help you troubleshoot issues, find replacements when you are unavailable and help identify a volunteer/care recipient relationship that will be mutually beneficial.

About Audrey K. Gordon, Phd                                                                Education Director

About Fran Duda
Volunteer Director

Since 2003, we have provided over 10,000 hours of volunteer support to 225 care recipients.

If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities with Faith in Action, please call our office at (847) 433-9411 or email our Executive Director, Robbie Boudreau @ faithinaction.boudreau@gmail.com